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This comprehensive book prepares you to take advantage of a range of ways to market your legal nurse consulting business. I share concepts relating to branding, relationship marketing, online marketing and more.

You will discover techniques to help prospects and clients know, like and trust you. You will get in-depth knowledge about using websites and social media to market. Legal nurse consulting is particularly rich in stories. One section of the book defines the power of stories in attracting clients – whether those stories relate to cases you’ve handled or are the testimonials you collect from clients. Exhibiting provides a great opportunity to meet your prospects face to face. The last section provides solid tips for what you need to know to have a successful exhibiting experience.

After I wrote Legal Nurse Consultant Marketing in 2016, I realized that book just scratched the surface of the subject. I find legal nurse consultants have a constant need for current tips and tools that make marketing and sales easier.

Let’s face it. Without marketing and sales, you don’t have a business. Marketing brings attorneys to you. It makes them aware of your skills and what you can contribute to their practice. You need sales skills to close the deal and bring in the case.

Section One covers the foundations and principles that create a marketing program. Here I introduce the concepts of defining your brand, using relationship marketing principles to help clients know, like and trust you, and employing a variety of low cost marketing techniques.

Section Two tackles marketing online using websites and social media. You must have a website to be found, and it will happily work for you 24/7 – if you use it effectively to show your expertise. Study the chapters in this section to deepen your knowledge about online marketing.

Section Three defines the power of stories in attracting clients – whether those stories relate to cases you’ve handled or are the testimonials you collect from clients. Legal nurse consulting is particularly rich in stories.

Section Four provides solid tips for what you need to know to have a successful exhibiting experience. Exhibiting provides a great opportunity to meet your prospects face to face.

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How to Get More Clients: Marketing Secrets for LNCs
Section One: Marketing Foundations
1. The Crucial Impact of Branding
2. How to Get More Clients
3. Relationship Marketing: Developing the Know, Like and Trust
4. Three Myths About Getting More Business
5. How to Market on a Small Budget
Section Two: Marketing Online
6. Why Do You Need a Website
7. The Critical Importance of Website Security
8. Wonderful WordPress Websites for LNCs
9. Attracting Prospects to Your Website
10. Secrets of Driving Traffic to Your Website
11. Rebooting Your Marketing
12. The Power of Marketing with Social Media
13. How to Increase Your Visibility
14. Nurturing Your Relationships with Prospects

Section Three: Marketing with Stories
15. Content Marketing with Stories
16. How Social Proof Gets You Clients
17. Story Telling In Marketing

Section Four: Marketing with Exhibiting
18. Building a Strong Foundation for Exhibiting
19. Creating a Successful Exhibiting Experience
20. Top 13 Tips for Exhibiting at Attorney Conferences

“How to Get More Clients: Marketing Secrets for LNCs” is another masterpiece from Pat Iyer!  She never disappoints. Pat covers it all in this very logical and understandable publication.  As an RN who has spent her career in the clinical environment, I find marketing daunting, intimidating, and outside my skill set.  Historically, nurses do not market their expertise.  Branding, websites, social media, exhibiting, blogging, newsletters (the list goes on and on) are all fundamentals of the marketing world, and before reading Pat’s book, I had lack of concrete marketing direction.

Now, after reading Pat’s book, I am considerably more confident in my abilities to attract new and potential clients, and grow my business by developing ongoing and long standing professional business relationships.

This book is not just for the marketing newbie, seasoned LNCs will also find many great tips and tricks to fine tune and improve on their marketing strategies.

Kelly Dawson, RN, BSN, LNC, CLCP, NobleLife Consulting, Inc.

Whether you are a seasoned LNC or just starting out on the LNC journey, the information in Pat’s book is a constant educational resource and reminder that we can be successful LNCs by setting up our website, our exhibit, and our brand that identifies us as a professional who wants to help our attorney clients reach their goals which in turn helps them reach the goals of their clients.

Laura Cuevas RN CLNC, LEC Legal Nurse Consulting

As a new legal nurse consultant, I found this book to be “a must read!”  Pat presents sage advice throughout her book to her audience that will serve them well in their endeavor to become an independent business owner.  Each chapter provides valuable information in a clear format with step by step instructions to create and market a new LNC practice successfully.
She covers all the bases and provides the reader with the often-lacking advice that we, as new nurses, had to learn the hard way… on our own.
What a wonderful and essential book to continue in her series Creating a Successful LNC Practice to further the entrepreneurial advancement for the legal nurse consultant.  I look forward to her next book!

Rebecca M. Blevins, RN, LNC-Medical Legal LNC & Associates, LLC

“Craving to digest all the pearls out there for successful marketing as an LNC…look no further!  Pat Iyer, with all her years of expertise in this field, has a succinct way of capturing today’s thinking in a manner that compels the reader to stay tuned-in till the end and sharpens your focus on what really matters for success.”

Suzanne Horkan, RN, BSN, CLNC
Horkan and Associates Nurse Consulting, LLC

This is the 5th book in Pat Iyer’s series on “Creating a Successful LNC Practice”. It is recommended reading for both seasoned and new LNCs. Pat Iyer offers her guidance and strategies on creating a “know, like and trust” relationship with attorneys. She discusses the importance of marketing through social media, LinkedIn, blogs, and WordPress. Additionally, Pat offers helpful tips on exhibiting and content marketing. This information-packed book shares examples, resources and key points at the end of each chapter.  Both new and experienced LNC’s will benefit from Pat’s vast knowledge and cutting edge approach to legal nurse consulting.

Vicki Tate RN, CLNC, COA, Intention Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

Pat Iyer’s book offers both established and novice legal nurse consultants a great overview of classic marketing principles along with the most current social media marketing advice. Pat introduces the new LNC to a critical focus on relationship-building for marketing as well as the need to optimize an LNC’s online presence.

The author’s detailed explanation of employing story-telling techniques to engage potential clients is masterful. We are taught how to meet potential clients, learn what lawyers need, have clients understand how we can help them, get referrals to their colleagues and establish business relationships that can last for years. Pat Iyer sagely advises LNCs to know our target audience so as to market efficiently. No detail is spared in profiling how to get the most bang for your marketing buck by exhibiting and attending legal conferences. From signage to professional dress and giveaway recommendations, you’ll find this a wonderful ‘how-to guide’, for your LNC marketing needs.

Sondra Rutman RN, BA, LNC

As an experienced LNC and RN, I found it difficult to establish long term relationships, and lacked self-assurance in my marketing ability.

I found Pat Iyer’s “How to Get Clients: Marketing Secrets for LNCs” an easy reading and fun experience to build more confidence in my ability to attract new clients and land the deal. Understand how your website is just not a website, but a basis to attract clients. She further explains how to establish long term relationships to grow my business and her defining tactics on exhibiting have given me the necessary tools to be even more successful!

Before reading her book, I lacked the real ability and confidence to market and sell! I am much more self-assured in my ability to attract more clients, land the deal and grow my business!

This book is not just for the new LNC, but even an experienced LNC can and will benefit from this book, her sales strategies and tips and tricks are essential for any LNC success!

Rita A. Buettner, BSN, RN, HCRM, ALNC
Expert Legal Nurse Consulting

How to Get More Clients: Marketing Secrets for LNCs $29.95

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How to Get More Clients: Marketing Secrets for LNCs
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