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Are you working hard but not getting anywhere and find your revenues are not adequate to support financial needs? Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed and confused about what to do next? Are you unsure of how to differentiate yourself from your competition? Do you struggle to take action, overcome procrastination? Do you need to stop what’s stopping YOU and take back control of your business? Do you want to know how to get clear on your services, your positioning, and your business approach for more sales and greater customer satisfaction?

Increase your confidence by reducing feelings of intimidation. You cannot be successful if you are stuck in fear, chaos or self-sabotage. Get the revenues you need now to infuse your business and go to the next level.

Kathleen Aston is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and expert in personal empowerment. She took a business from $365K in debt to $1.8 million in billings in just 18 months using the strategies she teaches others.

Moderator: Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC

In this one hour webinar you will learn how to:

  • Build Ultimate Confidence In Any Area
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Fear that Hamper You and Your Business
  • Overcome Procrastination

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Kathleen Aston
Kathleen Aston is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and expert in personal empowerment. She took a business from $365K in debt to $1.8 million in billings in just 18 months using the strategies she teaches others. For over two decades, Kathleen Aston has been recognized as a leader in business, a million-dollar serial entrepreneur and women’s leadership expert. With an experimental mindset and deep desire to create her own life of true fulfillment, she has dedicated her life to learning and leveraging the habits and behaviors implemented by the world’s most successful influencers.

Kathleen was readily acknowledged as a marketing and creative communications prodigy and she achieved a distinguished and meteoric career in the marketing and advertising industry. She then turned her attentions to building two successful million-dollar revenue generating businesses. Through the design of a focused, global concept business model for Kathleen Aston International, she delivers unparalleled life coaching and business services for career women, change-seeking individuals and women entrepreneurs.

Today, Kathleen Aston International’s proprietary, signature training program, The POWER OF 4–TRUE System for Purpose-Driven Prosperity™ does just that. It is universally unique in its inside-out approach to building massive business success based on concurrent personal success with foundational pillars of ultimate self-esteem, confidence, courage and personal core values. Kathleen graduated magna cum laude from Emerson College and holds an honors level Bachelor of Science degree and plays a leading role in The Commonwealth Institute, the Center for Women in Enterprise, Emerson College’s Alumni Association and the Supporting Center for Women’s Leadership.

“Finally got a chance to watch the Aston interview…nicely done.
I really felt empowered by her words.”
Sarah Jean Fisher MSN RN Philadelphia

“Kathleen is an undisputed expert on how to create confident, courageous successful women. As a Business-Life Coach and Implementation Expert, she excels in delivering her signature programs in an authentic way that gets massive results.”
—Dr. Laureen Wishom
Positioning and Business Growth Expert

“Kathleen helped me to re-imagine my future and to break down my personal dreams into goals that were realistic and manageable-all in one evening! She has taken her life experience and business savvy and is offering to invest it all into me and my goals and dreams. All I have to do is let her!”
—Shannon M. Freitas, M.Ed

“I made my way out of the house last week to go to a live event down in Hingham Mass – hosted by Kathleen Aston. Now, in New England during a snow storm, you definitely want to make sure you are receiving some quality information if you are going to travel for an hour and a half and I have to say I was NOT disappointed! Kathleen was a powerful speaker and delivered tons of value to the over 40 people gathered in the room to receive her words of wisdom. One thing I knew for sure – this lady was talking to us from a place of AUTHENTIC experience. If you are a dreamer and you have dreams of your own that you are being called to manifest – Kathleen may be just the one to help you crystallize them into reality!”
—Amethyst Wyldfyre

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